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Lyme Disease Or Mycoplasma Fermentans

Author: Julie S.
Date: 05-16-2008
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I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease many years ago, and I learned at that time that this includes many co-infections in addition to the Borrelia bacteria that are thought to cause Lyme Disease. I only recently learned that one of these co-infections is Mycoplasma Fermentans, a microbe also strongly linked to Gulf War Syndrome (and patented by the US Govt, in case you are interested). This particular microbe feeds on lipids in the body, including the mitochondrial membrane, so it causes free electrons to leak out of the mitochondria energy centers in the cells.

For years I have experienced strange burns all over my body, particularly my head, shoulders, and arms. I would literally wake up with 1st and even 2nd degree burns on my body that were not there when I went to bed the night before. It was almost as if I was being burned from the inside out by some strange excess electricity in my body.

This was accompanied by acne that couldn't seem to be cured by anything, even Inner Defense or Thieves Essential Oil blend! My face stung so much that some days I could not even touch it to wash it, and most days I wouldn't let anyone else touch it at all. Also, because my cells have been leaking the electrons I need for energy I have also experienced horrible fatigue that nothing seemed to help. Getting out of bed was sometimes all I could accomplish with my day.

This infection has left my skin dry, scaly, and chapped-looking (no matter how much water I drink), as the lipids designed to keep my cells moist have become a snack for the little buggers! I remember waking up one morning soon after I became ill, with wrinkles around my mouth and eyes that weren't there the day before. Yikes!

So, here's THE GOOD NEWS! I have been using Lemongrass Essential Oil for several months now. I started by filling empty capsules and taking it internally. I saw some small improvement in my symptoms, but I felt like I should be seeing more, so I began to apply Lemongrass to my Vita Flex reflexology points on my feet several times a day. Knowing that my symptoms were worst in my mucous membranes, like my sinuses, intestines, lungs, and bladder, I focused on those points to start with.

After just a few short days, my acne began disappearing and my skin began to look a little less dull and chalky. I experienced less pain in my intestines, and I seemed less short of breath. Soon the hyper-pigmentation left over from the inflammation in my skin began to lessen and the redness began to go away.

I had been unable to consume much fat (even healthy fats like olive oil, coconut oil, and raw nuts) because I would inevitably start to feel sick or throw them up after eating them. After having used Lemongrass oil for some time on my feet now, I can again consume fats without feeling sick or throwing them back up. Apparently, they were feeding the infection as well, and now that it is more under control my system can handle fats again! Yay! I use 2-3 drops of Lemongrass on each foot several times a day: I thank God it's not expensive! I no longer take it internally at all because I don't need to.

The flip side of the story is that Lemongrass has created some pretty tremendous die-off reactions, and I have begun supplementing with Juvacleanse Essential Oil Blend to help clean up the heavy metals in my system that are being flushed into my blood as the microbes die off. Microbes tend to attach themselves to heavy metal in the body, so if you're chronically ill you will want to keep this in mind: as you kill off microbes you will also have to deal with the heavy metal factor, too. The combination of both Essential Oils really seems to be best.

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