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Migraine Gone With Thieves Oil

Author: Larissa Kannas
Location: TX, United States
Posted: 05-06-2008
Views: 3,657
Word Length: 157
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Occasionally I get an allergy related migraine headache. I was having one of these migraines where I was extremely sensitive to light and noise and had enormous pounding on one side of my head around the eye, temple, and neck.

I had tried several essential oils which took the edge off, but nothing seemed to work. Then a friend suggested that I try the Thieves oil. I was ready to try anything by that point, so I applied it to my temples, back of the neck, wrist accupressure points, palms, and inhaled. Immediately after application and inhalation the headache and ALL OF IT SYMPTOMS were GONE!!! I was astonished!!!

I had been confined to my dark bedroom with little movement, but after applying the Thieves I went running out to the living room where it was fully lit and exclaimed to my husband "It worked!!" He was very pleased, as he wasn't much of a believer before.

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