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Insect Bite, Probably A Spider

Author: Susan D.
Date: 12-16-2007
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I was cleaning in a laundry room that hadn't been cleaned for a few months. I saw not one insect, but about a half hour later, noticed my left middle finger was smarting. I looked at it, and immediately got alarmed--on the second joint was a tiny red mark, and the finger above that was starting to turn black, and was numb from the bite mark to the tip!

Aaach! I ran to the bedroom, got out the bag of oils. I had run out of Thieves, but had several others. I knew this bite was bad, because already, the black part, which started out less than dime size, was spreading to the tip of my finger and starting to go around to the front--and I had little feeling in that area. I started praying and putting on oils. I claimed the promise that if anything poisonous bites you, it won't harm you.

I applied (don't know what order) Oregano, Purification, Frankincense, Peppermint, Marjoram, Wintergreen, and what I could wipe off the top of the Thieves bottle. That was all I had. I tried to wait a bit in between each application, but at the same time was watching the black spreading! So I'm sure it was only about 30 seconds between applications. There was littl if any change in pain, numbing, or the black area.

Then I knew I had to let the oils, and the prayers, have time to work! So I waited 15 minutes and did it again. The black was still spreading. Pain was slightly less.

After the 3rd application (15 minute wait again), the spreading black seemed to have stopped. It was now past the first joint and had worked around my finger towards the front, and it was quite dark. Pain was about gone. Numbness was gone.

After the 4th application, the black stopped spreading. Then I waited a couple hours and did it again, and kept repeating this as long as I was awake. I put on a final series just before I went to sleep.

In the morning, it looked only a little better. The dark was lighter--redder. More applications throughout the day, more praying.

It was the 2nd day before there was any shrinking of the black area, but it was lighter. The black kept getting lighter and by the 4th day, was gone.

I have had bad bites before, and they have always gone away after just a few applications at most. Sometimes with the first. My daughter had a brown recluse bite several days old that went away after 3 applications of nothing but Lavender and Oregano.

This signified to me that whatever bit me was pretty poisonous and dangerous, and I was really concerned that it took so long before there was any significant change. If anyone can identify what bit me by those symptoms given above, I would be very interested to know.

So glad I didn't have to go to a doctor, but counted on the Great Physician and His natural healing plants. There were no residual problems.

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