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Bed Wetting Gone Thanks To Omega Blue

Author: Sera J.
Location: TX, United States
Date: 11-20-2007
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Our oldest daughter, Julia, is 9 years old and has dealt with bedwetting since she was potty trained at 2 1/2 years old. I thought it would lessen as she got older, but by the time she was 8 years old, she was wetting the bed sometimes even 2 times at night!

We had her in pull ups for several years, but they would cause rashes. So by age 7, I was having to set my alarm clock for midnight every night to get up and take her to the bathroom. Sometimes, it would already be too late and even when it wasn't, she was so sound asleep even when going to the bathroom and would sometimes wet again before she woke up in the morning. The worst part is that she has always wanted to go to church camp, but couldn't.

We tried everything... changing her diet, not allowing liquids right before bed, setting her alarm clock and even some natural supplements. Then, July 2006, the Lord brought Young Living into our lives. A good friend of mine had used NingXia Red (1oz. a day) and the essential oil blend called Valor (a drop on the bottom of each foot before bed) with her 11 year old son and had amazing results with him - no more bedwetting!

We tried the same. Well, the NingXia Red juice was helping Julia crave more healthy food (she used to be the McDonald's chicken nugget queen and, now, can't stand them!) and the Valor has helped with straightening her slight curvature in her spine, but no help with the bedwetting. I kept praying for wisdom about what to do.

Out of concern for my children's overall health, I have been learning as much as I can about nutrition. I read how children, as well as adults, need more Omega-3 fatty acids. Julia doesn't like fish or flaxseed, and I knew she needed the Omega-3 for her brain health. Well, in January 2007, I bought her one of our new supplements - Omega Blue. The very day Julia began taking her one capsule a day, she did NOT wet the bed that night and was fully alert when I took her to the bathroom!!! That went on for a few days, and then, I tried not waking her up to go to the bathroom. The first night I didn't set my alarm, I awoke to the sound of her in her bathroom. I went to see if she was walking in her sleep or something, and she wasn't! She was wide awake in the middle of the night! And she has been free from bedwetting for 11 straight months!!!

Now, every time I wake up to the sound of Julia going to the bathroom, I praise the Lord for bringing Young Living into our lives!

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