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Frankincense Eliminates Moles

Author: Lynnmarie Shedlock
Location: PA, United States
Posted: 09-08-2007
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I have been using essential oils off and on for the past 5 years. I recently renewed my interest and am currently using them daily. My "test" that brought me back was a pair of odd looking moles. I'm not sure if they are technically moles, but one day getting out of the shower I couldn't help but notice the dark spot on my chest. I figured it must have recently appeared or became larger because I never noticed it before.

I found this website in an email from my sponsor and came to see what everyone was using for moles. I chose Frankincense. I started applying Frankincense neat directly to the moles. Originally, there were 2 spots. One was tiny and was touching a larger mole. Within two weeks of using the Frankincense, the tine mole has vanished and the larger mole has reduced in size to about 1/2 and also lightened in color!

Additionally, I had the opportunity to attend a Young Living presentation in Scranton, PA when I started using the Frankincense and they told us that to intensify any oil follow up with an application of Peppermint oil. I did this while treating my moles. I really wish I took a "before" shot because it would be a great testimony to show potential customers!

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