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Herniated Disk - L 4

Author: Betty Walczak
Skill: Raindrop Technique
Location: OH, United States
Posted: 08-30-2007
Views: 3,124
Word Length: 201
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I cancelled a dental appointment, in mid-January 1998, because my back was hurting. My lower back and left leg pain increased daily until I could endure it no more and sought medical care. I choose chiropractic treatments over hospitalization and/or surgery. In addition, to the treatments I was given instructions on the spinal maneuvers that I needed to do at home. I did these faithfully and they aided my body's response to the treatments. It was very inconvenient and painful to get to my first ten, daily visits. Sitting down was excruciating and driving was worse. I was unable to hold my adjustments. Sometimes just driving back home would eliminate any improvement I had received from the chiropractic treatments.

After a year of chiropractic treatments and limited improvement, in holding my adjustments, I discovered that Young Living had some essential oils that I could use supportively during my treatments. I started to use Valor and PanAway regularly and always before my treatments. I started to hold my adjustments and within 3 months L 4 went back into place, the spongy material returned and my treatment scheduled was reduced to preventive care only.

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