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Our Son's Fever And Ear Discomfort

Author: David W.
Date: 07-02-2004
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One Monday my son, Sean, played at the house of a girl who ended up having strep throat. We found this out when her mother called to advise us on Tuesday. The girl's lab results, rapid and overnight cultures, confirmed it. On Thursday morning around 1:00 AM my wife, Tina (she is a nurse), called me at work to tell me that Sean was burning up with fever and his ear was bright red and painful. Fortunately I had the essential oils reference book book (a reference book for using essential oils) with me. I looked up strep and told her what to do.

Tina applied Peppermint oil neat (undiluted) to the bottom of Sean's feet. She applied Lavender oil neat to both of his ears. She applied Exodus II (a blend of oils cited in Exodus in the Bible) diluted with 100% pure organic olive oil to his carotid arteries on both sides of his neck just below his ear lobes. She applied Cinnamon Bark oil diluted with the same olive oil on his chest. She applied Clove oil diluted with the same olive oil on his back. Lastly, she sprayed Thieves spray in his mouth. When she checked on Sean around 4:00 AM his fever was gone and he was able to sleep.

When I arrived home from work around 11:00 AM Sean was up and playing just like any day. The only symptom Sean had was slight ear pain. Tina applied all of the oils again plus I gave Sean his daily chewable vitamins from Young Living (MightyVites). In addition, I gave Sean two Super C's, which is 2106% of the RDA for vitamin C, and I had him rinse his mouth with Fresh Essence Plus mouth wash.

When I got up at 10:00 PM, Sean had no more ear pain. He was completely recovered from his illness. Tina had talked with her friend whose daughter has strep throat. The girl still had strep and was on antibiotics. On Friday I repeated all of the oils and supplements for Sean.

Saturday morning I took Sean to his doctor. Tina was worried that if Sean had strep it would eat up his lungs. They did a rapid culture for strep which was negative and an overnight culture. Monday they said the overnight culture was also negative! AMAZING!!! Just absolutely amazing! Sean recovered within hours and his friend had to suffer all week. Also, she will have to take antibiotics for 14 days regardless.

Sean has had ear infections for the last four years and his right ear has always been painful and/or filled with fluid. His doctor wanted to place a tube in his ear to drain the fluid. Fortunately, I found Young Living and Zoie (she introduced me to YLEO) who told me to get Sean off dairy and wheat. Since late February 2004 Sean has not complained of any ear pain. Then I read The Milk Book and we started drinking raw milk. On the Saturday when his doctor examined Sean she said his ears looked normal with no fluid or redness!!!

Tina is now a believer in Young Living products. I remember when I first bought home the Lavender oil. When I wanted to apply it to Tina, she called me a hippie! Now she is calling me at work asking which oils to apply! Young Living products continue to amaze me everyday. Sean loves the NingXia Red and the vitamins. He prefers to drink the juice straight and he evens swallows the Super C's without drinking anything! He is incredible.

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