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Peppermint For Insect Repelling & Bites

Author: Dale Vinicur
Location: TN, United States
Posted: 03-05-2007
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I have had many experiences with peppermint & essential oils for repelling insects & treating insect bites.

To begin with, therapeutic grade essential oils are as effective as any DEET product for avoiding mosquito bites. I find peppermint works the best for me, but have also used lavender, rosemary, basil, thyme & others. I don't even step out on my back patio in Tennessee in the spring through summer without spraying myself with a solution I keep of 5 drops peppermint per 4 oz water + a few drops of liquid good quality soap. If I am outdoors for long, especially in the mornings & late afternoons, I use the peppermint oil straight on my legs, arms, neck, hair. Keeps mosquitoes away from others, too! If I get bit, I rub it with the oil which stops the swelling & it disappears pretty quick.

We use the same solution as above to keep spiders out of our downstairs, to freshen our sheets & pillowcases, to keep aphids off roses, disinfect any surface, etc.

We always add (therapeutic grade only) essential oils, especially peppermint, to our drinking water to help with cleansing. We drip peppermint neat (straight) on muscle pain, back & neck pain, bruises, cuts, infections. We drip it along windows, cabinets, & doors to keep ants out of the house.

I once was bitten by a spider (what kind I don't know) & immediately it hurt & began to swell. I believe peppermint saved me a trip to the E.R. & kept me from a lot of pain. I constantly dripped peppermint & other oils like helichrysum & wintergreen on the bite. I wrapped the bite in oil-soaked cotton balls when I slept. If it would begin to hurt I'd just drip more oils on it & it would stop hurting. In a few days it was pretty much back to normal.

Dale Vinicur

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