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Seizures In Dogs

Author: Adele Mix
Location: AB, Canada
Posted: 02-12-2007
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Word Length: 234
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I have a MinPin who has been having seizures since she was about 1.5 years old. A naturopathic vet said it was probably from overdosing on vaccines. I would use Rescue Remedy on her but sometimes it would just go on & on. Once she had rolling bouts for over an hour before easing off.

I had heard something about peppermint & seizures. Peppermint is definitely not her favorite oil. She will usually act like a total flip out after smelling it. Any way, one day she was in the middle of some pretty strong seizures so I pulled out the peppermint, which I rubbed on her ears tips, the top of her head & down her spine. I also put a couple of drops of Peace & Calming on her tummy. With in a couple of minutes the vibrating stopped & her muscles unlocked. Within 5-10 minutes she was up & moving.

Usually after a bout she loses the use of her back legs for awhile & sleeps alot. I was amazed. I have done this several times with her using just peppermint or peppermint & lavender. It always works. She will even smell & lick my fingers just after I put the oil on her. Once it's all over though, don't get near her with the peppermint cause she'll act like nut case, rolling & sneezing & snorting like I've tried to poison her.

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