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Neck Ache And Peppermint

Author: Paul Wilson
Location: MI, United States
Posted: 04-14-2006
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For several years I have experienced neckaches that would almost render me immobile! I did find out two possible reasons why they kept on coming back:

1) I would get into stressful situations that I could not solve by myself, until I faced my own attitudes towards the situations. They were, indeed, situations I could not solve on my own! The situations were designed by my loving Creator to help me face some of the inconsistencies in my own life. In short, my neckaches told me a lot about myself;

2) Poor digestion was another indication. I ran across this one quite by accident, when, by recommendation, I took an enema, and my neckache cleared up. From what I have studied, the liver helps to regulate many factors, including pain.

HOWEVER, once I recognized the above factors, the Essential Oil of Peppermint was literally an answer to prayer. I applied three to four drops on the palms of my nands (neat), and applied it to my neck. What a wonderful, cooling sensation occurred! But, more than that, after applying peppermint when my neckaches came back, I found that my neckaches were not lasting nearly as long! In fact now, if I apply peppermint, within 15-20 minutes, they have subsided! I have also found that a good, moist, hot towel speeds the process even more. Thank God for Peppermint! I wouldn't be without it!

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