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Swollen Lymph Nodes Dissolved, Cyst Gone

Author: Lana Cashmark
Location: MO, United States
Posted: 02-24-2006
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About 5 months ago I noticed a small pea-sized swollen lymph gland near my groin. I thought this may be serious and I went to a holoistic doctor. He gave me lymph-drain drops; acupuncture and I had a therapeutic massage. $300.00 later and I didn't really see results from any of that. The swollen gland would come and go and sometimes would cause pain when I walk because it was hitting a nerve in my leg.

Finally I read an essential oils testimonial on the website regarding the lymphatic system. They said to take V-6 massage oil and add frankincense, lemon and lavender and rub along the lymphatic system. I did this and my swollen gland got a little bigger then dissolved. It took about 3 weeks once or twice a day. I still do this routine once a week (I alternate tangerine & lemon oil). It has really helped my system and the swollen gland has not returned.

Another wonderful thing frankincense has done for me is dissolve a pesky little cyst I have on the top of my right hand. I have had it for years and have tried all kinds of things to make it go away. I applied the oil neat right on they cyst once or twice a day and it is gone! I also removed a mole/cyst on my neck. This has taken a long time but it is nearly dissolved.

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