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Menstral Regularity, Sleep, Digestion, Hair Loss

Author: Deborah C.
Skill: Raindrop Technique
Date: 12-28-2005
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NOTE: This was written around 2005. I do not recall dosages.

I am 43 and have been using Young Living Oils for approximately 3 years. During this time, many levels of healing have been addressed, but only until recently have I focused on my menstrual cycle, which has been "short" for about 10 years. Rather than the full 28 days, I could usually count on it coming about 23 days or so. Especially when stressed.

More recently I began to notice vaginal dryness, which has never been an issue. This finally got my attention. After looking at the various Young Living options, I chose Estro as a starting point and ordered it this November. I began taking 3 gel caps of Estro during the middle of my cycle, and these are my observations since that time.

One: When my next cycle came, it was spot on schedule from the last one, 28 days. (This only after less than two weeks of taking Estro)

Two: My digestive issues slowly began to ease up and shift. I have been working diligently to heal some stomach/digestive problems this last year, and they have challenged me to the limit to look at all levels. I noticed recently that hormone imbalance can contribute to digestive problems.

Three: My sleep greatly improved! For the last 10-15 years, I have been prone to insomnia, either difficulty falling asleep, or waking at 3 AM (the liver high time) and not being able to fall back asleep. Many nights, I never slept. Many practices have been developed to quiet the mind prior to bed, in hopes of sleep. Since beginning the Estro Tincture, even on those nights when I turn in wondering, I drop off to sleep easily. That book I've been trying to read is moving slowly, I get about a page into it and I'm gone. I am AMAZED!

Four: Hair Loss has completely stopped! All during these years I have been a frequent "shedder", every change of season, every sugar digression, every sleepless night would produce considerable hair loss. Quite frustrating! Suddenly I notice that the hair is staying PUT! Even on the occasional event when i don't sleep, or partake in a wee bit of sugar (rarely)... my hair does not shed.

Five: Weight loss. I have been slowly and steadily losing weight for four years. Perhaps 35 pounds during that time. Each shift preceded by a healthy lifestyle change, from the very unhealthy habits of my youth. I have begun losing more weight since the Estro Tincture was introduced. Lost several more pounds over the holidays, and it feels like a lot more is ready to go. More than the physical weight are the changes to the body itself. Contours continue to smooth and slim down, the loss appears greater than the actual pounds.

To date, I have been taking Estro Tincture for approximately 6 weeks, and its a sure bet that I will continue this practice until it seems appropriate to change it. I chose Estro after discussing the various options with my upline. Because I am still menstruating, Estro seemed the best fit. My upline friend mused, "This is sure going to shift a lot of things for you." She couldn't have been more right. I look forward to seeing what else happens.

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