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Doctors Said Stubborn Sores Were Related To OCD

Author: Jana R.
Date: 05-16-2015
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In July 2014 my friend and I went to visit my mom and noticed that she had sores on both forearms, her legs, and her upper shoulder areas. She told us that she had had them for two years! I had no idea that she had been dealing with this issue for so long because she always would wear long sleeves and long pants.

The doctors did not know what the sores were, nor did the ointments/creams they prescribed even work. They did tell my mother that the condition was related to obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

My mother believes that it all began when, coming out of the bathroom, she fell and scraped her arm on the doorjamb. After talking about it, we realized that it must have been spreading from the time that she first scratched one sore and then touched the skin elsewhere.

My friend offered for my mother to try Purification essential oil blend directly on a few sores to see if it would help. After a few minutes, my friend and I noticed that my mother had not been itching, scratching, or touching the area where she had applied the essential oil.

So then my mother applied more Purification on all the other places that had sores and waited to see if she would scratch. And she did not! So we left her with the bottle of Purification so that she could continue to apply the essential oil at least twice a day.

I took pictures that day in July 2014 and then took another set of pictures in October 2014. When set side by side, the pics showed that 50% of the redness and sores were gone.

Then again in February 2015, pictures showed that only one sore on her arm and a few sores on her legs remained. My mother admitted that, if she had been better at applying the Purification oil blend regularly (twice per day every single day), the condition would have improved much sooner.

My mother's fantastic improvement is what sold me on therapeutic-grade essential oils. That very first day that I witnessed immediate results on my mother was the day that I went home and became a member of the company.

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