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Rheumatoid Arthritis Led To Shoulder & Knee Issues

Author: Gail E.
Date: 05-16-2015
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My mother was diagnosed (through a blood test) in 2010 with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). It started off with one hot and burning finger and then led to the other fingers as well. She was also suffered with swelling, joint aches, and stiffness. It was worse in hot and humid weather.

She did not want to go on prescription medication because of the side effects, which included the possibility of losing her eyesight and sustaining kidney damage. My mother only has one kidney, so that was just not an option for her!

In November 2014, my mother was describing her ongoing symptoms to me. She had gotten to the stage at which she was having difficulty dressing herself. She just could not lift her left arm above her shoulder anymore.

After trying other natural remedies, nothing was really working. I told my mother that she needed to start using some therapeutic-grade essential oil products ASAP to help manage her condition. It was her last resort, and she had nothing to lose.

So my mother started taking 8 Sulfurzyme capsules a day and then gradually increased the dosage over a 3-month period until she reached about 18 to 21 capsules per day.

She also took Mineral Essence twice a day as directed on the bottle.

Additionally she took NingXia Red Juice twice a day until we found out that she was having a detox reaction (rash on her arms). So then she cut back to once a day.

Within the first month, my mother's shoulder improved, and she could again raise her arm above her shoulder to dress herself properly.

In January 2015, my mother developed an excruciatingly painful right knee. She could not even touch it without it hurting, and she had difficulty walking (she belongs to a walking club). The painful knee was keeping her awake at night, and she would have to go to bed with a pillow between her legs.

So then I introduced my mother to the AgilEase protocol. She started taking one tablet in the morning and another at night.

She also started using Deep Relief Roll-On on her knee before she would go walking, before bedtime, and at any other time that she felt the need for it.

By the end of February, my mother's knee returned to normal, and no one would ever have known that she had anything wrong with it.

After three months, my mother is now on a maintenance regimen as follows:

* 6 capsules Sulfurzyme per day

* 2 to 3 capsules AgilEase per day

* Mineral Essence as needed

My mother would like to thank the manufacturer, as without these products she would have definitely ended up truly crippled. Instead, she now manages her condition on the maintenance regimen, and she could not ask for any more than that!

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