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Still Wetting The Bed Every Night At Six Years Old

Author: Karen M.
Date: 04-02-2015
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Being a mom of three boys, potty training was easy and yet challenging. All three of my little guys were day trained around three years old, and night training came soon afterward, except for one.

Our second oldest has never been night trained! During the first year after he was day trained, I was not overly concerned. Lots of kids took longer to train at night.

The concern started when it began affecting his self image. At such a young age, he thought that there was something wrong with him. Continual affirmation of how special he was to us and that there were many little boys and girls who struggled with this - did not seem to help how he felt about it.

When he started school, his nightly issue was called our family secret, as he was terrified that his friends at school would find out. It was forbidden to ever be mentioned by his brothers! Babysitters and sleepovers were emotional times of explaining to him that the babysitter would not tell anyone and that it would stay our secret.

The hardest time in dealing with his bed wetting was a year ago (he was 5.5 years old) when his younger brother at only three years old was day trained and night trained in the same week. He was devastated! He would cry at night saying that it was so unfair how his brothers could wear underwear to bed and not him. Heartbreaking!

There were nights when I would let him wear his underwear to try and boost his self-esteem, and I would just wake him up to pee before I would go to bed. Some nights he did make it, and some nights it was already too late. On the nights that he did make it, he would still wake up in the morning wet and so frustrated.

Those nights added extra loads of laundry and deprived both him and me of much needed sleep. Pull-Ups were the only answer and unfortunately a very expensive one! He would wear one each night and sometimes two if it leaked!

I ordered a $120 bottle of naturopathic pills for bedwetting, but they did not work for him. In some ways I almost think that they did more damage with not fixing the issue because it just confirmed to this little boy, in his own mind, that there must be something wrong with him.

A couple months ago I was in the grocery store, and a new product caught my eye, underwear with an insert to replace Pull-Ups! I bought him a pack, and it was worth every penny to watch his eyes light up as he realized that, though still different, he was finally able to be like his brothers! These special undies were great! (But of course they were even more expensive.)

The hardest part of going through this was listening to his little innocent prayers at night as he always added "and please let me not pee while I am sleeping." I would pray silently with him that this season of his life would end!

When I first became interested in essential oils, I was so excited to solve health issues that I did not think about the bedwetting until one night about a week later. As he prayed his innocent little prayer, he stopped and asked me, "When is God going to help me?"

I answered him the best way that I knew how, and then a light bulb turned on in my mind. I immediately started searching for essential oils that could help! My sponsor came to my aid and sent me some to try.

She recommended Cypress and Copaiba. Cypress oil is an astringent that tightens and contracts tissue, which would help tighten the urinary tract wall. And Copaiba is used to soothe minor muscular discomforts. I diluted 3-4 drops of these essential oils with coconut oil and rubbed them on his abdomen morning and night.

The first night nothing changed, except that my son said he peed way more! He was of course frustrated, and I considered not continuing. How many more ways would I try to solve this problem and make him feel even worse with every failed attempt?

The second night he asked for the oils and said he wanted to try real underwear again. It had been a while since I had allowed this, so to try and help his positive attitude, I agreed.

It was 4:30 AM, and he bounded into my room to my bedside, trying to whisper. But his excitement would not quite allow it. "Mommy! I woke up to go pee! I am dry!"

Tired as I was, I hugged him tightly and gently asked him to go back to bed. We could celebrate this at a more reasonable hour. Ha ha!

Not wanting to get my hopes up, I celebrated with him. But I assured him that, if he had an accident the next night, it would still be okay, and I would not be upset.

That night we used the oils again, and this time it was 5:30 AM when he came running into my room with the same report. So exciting!

This has continued to be the morning report, and I am happy to say that we are now Pull-Up free! And he has started waiting to tell me the news until I get up in the morning. Prayers have been answered!

Praise the Lord!

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