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Stop Smoking By Using Essential Oils

Author: Amanda L.
Date: 10-15-2014
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Before I quit smoking, I researched which essential oils could be useful for addictions like smoking. The most common oils used are the Thieves, Harmony, Joy, Peace & Calming oil blends plus Clove and Peppermint oils.

Other websites say to use Angelica and Black Pepper, and even some others say to use the JuvaFlex and Juva Cleanse oil blends. It was kind of overwhelming for a beginner!

So I started using the essential oils in the Premium Starter Kit. In the morning I diffuse Lemon and Peppermint or Lavender. I "oil pull" with coconut oil and a few drops of Thieves for 20 minutes and then add a drop of Thieves to my WaterPik as well.

After I brush and use Thieves Mouthwash, I do not want to taste anything for a while, especially not a nasty cigarette. I would normally have smoked two to three cigarettes by this time in the morning, so this routine has helped me to break that habit right away.

Before I put my socks on, I rub 3-5 drops of either the Joy or Stress Away oil blends diluted with coconut oil on myself. I start with the feet, then the wrists, then behind the ears, and then on the chest. Finally I inhale deeply a few times.

In the past, all I could think about was that next chance to run outside for a smoke. But now I stay busy all day and get so much more done without smoking that I do not even think about it anymore.

I read that putting a drop of Thieves directly on your tongue or on the roof of your mouth can help with cravings. However, Cinnamon and Clove essential oils (contained in Thieves) are really strong, so it is too powerful for me personally.

I knew driving to work and just being in the car would be a huge trigger for me, so I cleaned my car really well, sprinkling baking soda with several drops of the Purification oil blend on the seats and floorboards and cutting two apples in half for each floorboard to absorb all the stinky smells.

Then I vacuumed out my car the next morning and set in it a little candle holder with a couple of cotton balls saturated with a few drops of the Purification oil blend. Not only did this take care of the smell, but I have not wanted to smoke in my car since the first couple of days after I quit!

At night I use the Peace & Calming oil blend or Lavender in my diffuser and rub it in with coconut oil as well.

As far as cravings go... the first couple of days were the worst, but I prayed really hard for strength and guidance because with the Lord all things are possible; and I knew He would help me overcome this addiction! I also prayed about the essential oils. I feel like you have to really be in the right frame of mind and think positively for anything like this to work!

To be completely honest, I was doubtful the couple of days before my kit arrived. I was using the patch for a couple of weeks, but with the essential oils I felt like I really did not need them. I really could go on and on about how great essential oils are, as they have changed my life! I cannot believe that I ever had any doubt at all!

UPDATE: I wrote this testimonial when I was starting out using my Young Living essential oils. Now several months later, I still get the occasional craving for a cigarette, but instead I will put a drop of Thieves on my tongue.

I do not know if it is the initial burning sensation that makes me quit thinking about smoking or the essential oil itself, but it really does work!

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