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Old L5-S1 Back Injury Seized Up Again

Author: Kristine C.
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Date: 10-09-2014
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Last night while lying in bed reading, my back went out. I was stuck and could not move. I tried to roll over; however it was too excruciating and my back just seized up. I also had to go to the bathroom. (It is always something, isn't it?)

After ten minutes of trying, I finally moved my body to sort of be on my side and on my back. Then my arm started going numb, so I knew I HAD to get out of bed. But I could not. I hollered for my husband to help me and each time he tried, I cried out in distress.

Ten minutes later I was finally able to get to the edge of my bed. I had my husband put a drop of the Valor essential oil blend on my wrists, and I held them together. I just kept breathing in slowly through the tears, my body shaking in agony. Within about a minute I was able to get up, hunched over, and walk to the bathroom.

Before I got back into bed, I rolled a little onto my lower spine. I was able to get into bed and get somewhat comfortable. I kept inhaling the Valor on my wrists, and, although I did not sleep well, I did sleep.

I was in bad shape when I woke up and knew I needed more sleep, so I put some more Valor essential oil blend along my spine. I was liberal with the application. I stayed in bed and slept for another few hours. This time I woke up with the discomfort gone and my back no longer out!

Usually when my back goes out, I typically cannot walk without help for 1 to 3 days. Additionally, I am bed or couch-ridden for another week at least. I will get up and move around, but my legs often go out and will not support me. Hence, I am stuck in bed or on the couch until my strength returns and my back starts to slide back into place.

I am honestly amazed to say that I am walking upright AND able to run up 15 stairs to my den. Typically I do not even attempt stairs for the first week that my back goes out because I have had my legs go out on me before, trapping me on stairs in my own home and forcing me to crawl up them to return to my bed. I am not kidding! And I spend quite a bit of time in tears for the first week because of all the discomfort.

So do Young Living essential oils work? Um, heck yes! Hell yes! (Sorry.) This blend called Valor did in about 12 hours what narcotics, steroids, ice, nerve pain meds, and muscle relaxers typically take 1 to 2 weeks to accomplish (though I cannot say that Valor is an equivalent or a replacement for these things). And even with all that, I rarely get full relief; it is time that does most of the healing.

I know results will vary, but I have never had my back fall into place this fast ever! As soon as this essential oil blend is back in stock, I am buying three more bottles! Maybe I will get four bottles so I can have an extra on hand to give samples to people. There is a reason they call this essential oil blend the "chiropractor in a bottle."

I am not an expert. I am not a doctor. I have an almost 12-year-old back injury. I have tried it all: water therapy, chiropractic, physical therapy, strength training, injections, steroids, narcotics, exercise, walking, laying in bed for a year, other spinal procedures, muscle relaxers... the list goes on and on. Nothing, and I repeat NOTHING has eased my suffering, corrected my back, and put it back into place better and faster than Valor. Period!

From the bottom of my heart, I believe in what Young Living is doing for people. And I want to share that with everyone and help them on their road to health and wellness using their products. Folks, this is NOT about money. This is so much more. This is life changing. This is hope. This is real. This works!

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spine,back-pain - "We examined the evidence regarding the effect of herbal medicine on pain in people with non-specific low-back pain (LBP).... Lavender essential oil applied by acupressure appeared effective in reducing pain and improving flexibility compared to conventional treatment."Link

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