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Ganglion Cyst Disappears

Author: Gary Miller
Location: NY, United States
Posted: 10-14-2005
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Word Length: 222
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A friend of my daughter from college was visiting this past weekend and showed us a ganglion cyst on the back of her hand. It had grown large enough to become painful when her hand and wrist were fully extended.

I looked up cysts in the Essential Oils Desk Reference. All it said was "2 drops of oregano first day, 2 drops thyme second day, apply on location as often as needed." I was surprised by the simplicity and seeming confidence of the statement. I asked Katie if she would like to try it and she was very willing. Next morning we dripped 2 drops on her cyst and 24 hours later we didn't see much difference. We applied the 2 drops of thyme on the second day as instructed.

Katie and my daughter went for a long hike and some sight seeing. Six hours later they came rushing into my office to show me Katie's hand. There was absolutely no evidence of a cyst, or even where it had been before. We were all dumbfounded. The cyst was gone and we had no idea scientifically why it was gone but it was gone undeniably. So simple, so painless, so effective, oils are amazing! I cannot wait to learn more about them.

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