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Thieves For Sinus Infection

Author: Michelle Long
Location: MN, United States
Posted: 10-09-2005
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I always used to get a sinus infection every fall which always seemed to lead to bronchitis. Now any time I feel the head stuffy, sore throat sensation coming on I put a drop of Thieves in my Thieves Mouthwash as a booster, gargle and swallow. I am not about to spit those good oils out. This has worked for me every time.

Then when my adult son who also has the same cronic case of sinus infection got sick, I started him on the Thieves. We were on vacation and I watched as he did everything I had done but he was getting very little relief and just kept getting more ill as the days passed. We were using Thieves and Peppermint on him, but he was very sick. Then I heard Gary's training CD #73 where he said if one oil doesn't work in 2 minutes try another oil.

Gary recommended Thieves, Eucalyptus radiata, & Pine. I called my son and asked him to stop over so that I could try this on him. He had been missing work since we had gotten home from our trip and was feeling just miserable. He was willing to give it a try so he came and we put those three oils on his sinus area and he went and sat down and started coughing. We then added Oregano oil to the other three and put that on his chest. Within a minute he was getting total relief, all the pressure was gone and he was sitting there asking, "how can this be?".

In the CD Gary also stated that it is acid in our system that creates mucus and to neutralize the acid take a teaspoon of natural vinegar with a drop of Thieves in it both morning and night. We sent our son home with both of these and talked to him the next day and he was so much better. We seen him two days after that and he was completley well. The moral of the story is that what worked for me did not work the same for him, but we should not quit because these oils do work, just don't be afraid to try the next oil or the next.

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