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Emotional And Spiritual Healing Through A Dream

Author: Genie E.
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Date: 08-23-2014
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I have been using Young Living Trauma Life essential oil blend for a few days now. Something told me that I needed to try this essential oil. I have not experienced a trauma as some people might see a trauma, but I know I have experienced trauma as my body sees trauma.

Trauma has come for me emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I will try to explain in this testimonial, so that others, who may never try this essential oil, may see that it could help them too.

My son told me that his dad's sister has stage 4 leukemia. This sent chills down my spine when I heard that because I did not know if she would be open to alternative treatments. I felt that she would not make it if she were to go the conventional way.

I went to lie down shortly after my son told me, as I had not slept much the night before and was very tired. I used Trauma Life just a couple of hours before lying down. I fell asleep, and I had vivid dreams. They were not nightmares... just dreams.

I dreamed that my sister called me while I was lying in my bed and asked me about my ex-sister-in-law; and I asked her why she was asking me about her. She said that she did not know why she was asking me, but she just thought about her and wondered how she was doing. So I told my sister about my ex-sister-in-law's recent diagnosis that I had just heard about today. This was all in my dream.

As I was still lying down, my ex-father-in-law (who died last year) walked in and said, "WHAT? My daughter has leukemia? I did not even know!"

Then his wife (whom I dearly loved and held in my arms many years ago as she died in her hospital bed) came in, and she said, "Oh, Genie! We didn't know!"

I asked them what they were doing at my home. They said that they were getting ready to go to church and that they would have this information announced at church so prayers could be said on her behalf.

I was mortified! Now all these people KNEW this information that I was not even really supposed to know, and they all knew it because of ME!

You may think that this is a strange reaction, but I have been TRAUMATIZED in my life because of several situations almost similar to this that have happened in my life with me being ACCUSED of gossiping or sharing information that was not MY information to share.

When I woke up, my mind started racing over this dream -- like it had a message for me -- because I did not get this last paragraph right off the bat. I prayed about it and asked God to reveal to me what I needed to know about it. Then I suddenly realized that I had taken the Trauma Life and that I remembered some of the characteristics of this essential oil in healing people who have had trauma in their life.

Then the explanation of this dream came to me. It made me realize that, when I have been unfairly accused by loved ones in the past, had things held against me, and then have been treated badly for it, that traumatized me for years and hurt my heart badly -- all those emotions were stored in my liver.

I believe that is part of the reason I have such a toxic liver now. I can now forgive those who hurt me so much and treated me so hatefully over these things.

I had not even thought of these things in many years, and yet they were right there, needing to come out, needing to be forgiven; and I did not even know it! They were making me sick. I am sure there is more. I have had many hurts in this life, as I am sure that most people have.

I am on a journey to heal and to help others find healing. I want to have a gentle heart, and I need to have a clean liver that is not full of toxins to help me do that. When we need to forgive someone, even if we do not realize it, it causes us great damage in our bodies. I am living proof.

I truly thought that I had forgiven those involved in the pain of the incident above, but the tears and pain that welled up in me after this dream proves to me that it was still there and not completely forgiven. Forgiveness brings healing. I know that because I have experienced it with other things in my life.

I want to write my life story here someday, as I think many people can relate to it and maybe grow from it. If what I have experienced in life can help someone else, then my life has been for good. God has been good to me, and He has walked with me through many difficult things.

I am thankful that God has been by my side. I am thankful for His healing touch. I am thankful that He has supplied us with healing oils. He gives many examples in His word of the use of many of these oils. He still uses them today to help us. Trauma Life is an amazing essential oil! There is nothing like the healing touch of God.

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